Cornish Weather

Our summer productions are Open–Air and are performed outside, uncovered.

Audience members therefore accept that weather, climate, temperature, light conditions, and various other elements which are out of our control, may impact on the performance.

While we make every effort to complete each show, we reserve the right to:
Stop and start the performance as necessary or commence the show up to one hour after the stated time.

Apart from extreme circumstances, we will not cancel a performance before the advertised start time. It can often rain all day, yet clear up just before the performance is due to commence.

We perform in all but the worst of weathers, rain included. However, where such weather is deemed to pose a health and safety risk to the performers or our audience i.e. torrential rain or thunder and lightning strike – we reserve the right to stop the performance. Should the performance be unable to continue, the decision to cancel will be made between the visiting company and the venue manager.

Refunds and Exchanges

Refunds are not given for the cancellation or abandonment of a show as a result of poor weather.