Starring Mike Osman

An Evening of Laughter: JETHRO – What Happened Was Tour

August 23, 2024


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A Tribute to Jethro: Keeping His Legacy Alive

Jethro was more than a comedian; he was a masterful storyteller who touched the hearts of millions. Mike’s mission? To keep Jethro’s name alive, sharing his fabulous jokes and timeless tales. Join us as we relive the magic—the laughter that echoed through generations. A local Boy, born in St Buryan, ex-Levant miner and rugby stalwart!

For Fans Old and New

Whether you’ve followed Jethro’s career for years or recently stumbled upon his uproarious YouTube videos, this show is for you. Gather your friends, family, and fellow Jethro enthusiasts. Let’s create an electric atmosphere in honour of the man who made us laugh till our sides hurt.

A Night for the Ages

Remember, this isn’t your average night out. Leave the kids at home but bring your Granny along—she’ll love every minute.

Early booking advised!

August 23, 2024

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