Cirk Hes Circus

August 21, 2024


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Event Description

Cirk Hes’s ‘Next Gen’ Youth Circus are excited to return to Penlee Park Open Air Theatre! 

This season they bring a number of mesmerising performance pieces, in the air and on the ground, specially selected to showcase at Penlee, from a number of works they have created this year, with the support of commissions.  For example from the Glastonbury Arts Commission, and the ever incredible literary, theatrical company Scary Little Girls and their well known ‘Mayven Celebration’.  

This performance will see the conclusion of their 2023-24 tour, possible thanks to such commissions, and to additional funding from the National Lottery, for the ‘People’s Project’, which they won thanks to the entire south west region of the UK voting hard to support them.  With at least 3 members of the troupe hailing from the South Cornish Coast, performing at Penlee feels like a homecoming, and a fitting finish to an amazing season. 

Without performative spaces like Penlee, young performers such as these cannot grow and develop.  There is so much young, upcoming talent in Cornwall that needs to be supported, so please come support both our Youth Circus, and Penlee Park Open Air Theatre.  You’ll be so glad you did!

In just three short years, thanks to platforms and opportunities like these we are sure that if you have enjoyed ‘Next Gen’ before, you will be amazed at their growth and development, not just in skills and interpretation as young artists, but as an ensemble too. 

If you think you know a young performer in the making why not signpost them to our spangly new training space in Helston?  Go to for more.

August 21, 2024

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