June 30, 2023


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UK singer-songwriters Lizzie Freeborn and Amy Woodburn formed ISYLA in 2020 to offer a musical response to raising the profile of the climate crisis.

They combine their love for cinematic arrangements, dynamic harmonies and sultry grooves. Since their debut ISYLA’s have featured on BBC Introducing, Absolute Radio (Frank Skinner) and performed a live session on Radio X (John Kennedy).

After a year of live performances that included Cornwall Folk Festival and The Eden Project, ISYLA began 2023 with their enchanting new release and folk-pop epic “Snow is a Colour”.

Lizzie and Amy have childhoods rich in sixties folk and rock, as well as classical music. For fans of Aurora, Florence and the Machine, Aurora and London Grammar, ISYLA’s sound transcends decades of influences, with captivating vocals and dynamic song writing.

At Penlee, Isyla will be supported by Louella Jade Eke.

June 30, 2023

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