Kelsey Michael – Lethowsow

September 07, 2023


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Event Description

The music of Penzance singer songwriter Kelsey Michael is a hotline to West Cornwall’s nature and landscape, bonding listeners through a re-kindling of their collective experience out in the elements. With a dynamic wide-reaching vocal range, Kelsey can take you to rare and exhilarating places, creating a world of texture within a pop song.

Kelsey writes and performs on piano, often influenced by 60s/70’s female writers including Laura Nyro and Carole King. Expect wide horizon song-landscapes conjured from draw-bar organ, and folk drones. Immerse in Kelsey’s growing biodiversity songbook where Herons, Starlings and Butterflies all find poetic treatment.

Lethowsow is a Kernewek (Cornish) name for the land flooded and lost between Land’s End and Scilly. It means ‘the milky ones’ referring to the white water always present on Seven stones reef. Drawn to the magic and mysteries of the Celtic Sea, Kelsey has adopted Lethowsow as the new name for her band and forthcoming album on Dimple discs. The trio features percussionist Greg Dyer and Ben Kypreos on acoustic bass and vocals.

Kelsey has recorded vocals for numerous albums by The High Llamas and performed and recorded with Jocelyn Pook Ensemble, featuring on Jocelyn’s soundtrack for Stanley Kubrick’s ‘Eyes Wide Shut’. She also leads Wild Singing Walks in and around Penzance.

September 07, 2023

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