Songs & Stories in the Park

June 25, 2023


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Event Description

Songs & Stories in the Park

An evening with Boilerhouse, Annamaria Murphy & Pauline Sheppard

With a growing reputation for their earthy and generous shows, Boilerhouse is a five-piece acapella group who put their passion, joy and love of singing into every performance and we’re delighted to welcome them back to the park.

Drawing on many influences, including folk, the poetry of Charles Causely and working songs, amongst others, here is a band rooted in the Cornish singing tradition but looking out to the world.

Annamaria Murphy is a writer for BBC Radio 4 & Kneehigh Theatre & is currently collaborating with musicians Bagas Degol. Pauline Sheppard writes for theatre, screen, animation, magazines and radio. In 2021 her first book Through The Granite Mirror won the prestigious Gorsedh Kernow Holyer an Gof Award for outstanding literature.

Anna and Pauline create magical tales that combine humour with insight, drawn from their long experience of writing stories, poetry and plays.

June 25, 2023

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