Murder by Appointment

The 1940’s Diamond Heist

June 18, 2023


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Event Description

The 1940’s Diamond Heist – set in the Savoy Hotel, London,1944.

The Kimberley Star, the world’s most valuable necklace, has tonight been the centre of attention being worn by its owner, Lady Dunster at the wartime fundraising evening at The Savoy Hotel

With prominent coverage in the national press, it is sure to have captured the imagination of diamond enthusiasts and jewellery thieves around the world.

With the fundraising part of the evening now completed the necklace is locked away in the hotel vault for its overnight stay with a Scotland Yard Detective in attendance.

Rumours abound in London that the infamous jewel thief ‘The Phantom’, is showing interest. Whilst cleverly avoiding detection throughout France and Britain, and widely believed to be retired, will the Kimberley Star lure ‘The Phantom’ to London’s Savoy?

Can you guess the culprit and win a prize? Plus … spot prizes for the finest 1940’s audience costumes too!

June 18, 2023

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