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Chopped Liver and Unions

June 19, 2024


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The East End of London has a long and proud history of rebellion. 

From the Matchgirls of 1888 to the Ford’s production line of 1968 the women of the East End have fought for their rights. 

Between these two well recorded events, in 1928 Sara Wesker led female garment workers in a groundbreaking strike. The “singing strikers” literally sang for their supper on the picket lines until Sara set up her own union to represent them. In the East End of London the fire of change has been burning for over a century and its women have always known how to say “we deserve more; we deserve better”. 

But who remembers those individual women like Sara who risked everything for the good of the cause? 

Using some of the protest songs used at the time Chopped Liver & Unions shines a light on an exceptional woman who is now all but forgotten except as the inspiration behind one of her nephew Arnold’s most famous and well regarded plays.

We’re delighted to welcome Blue Fire Theatre back to the park following 2023’s Life Upon the Victorian Stage.

June 19, 2024

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