Nina Hills

Peri-meno – what now? 2.0

June 08, 2024


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Event Description

Nina was going through life quite nicely, when POW! Suddenly! she wasn’t!

Fear and Anxiety crept into normal every day situations. Unexplainable rage at everything and everyone! Depression and weird sexual urges!! So imagine her surprise when she was told that this was the Peri-menopause!! The Peri- meno…what now??

Little did she realise that this was ‘normal’ and part of the joys of growing old!! Expect Comedy, song, rap and even a bit of contemporary dance. A must see for anyone with a lady garden and all garden visitors.

About Peri-meno…what now? 2.0

Whilst travelling around with the original show we discovered that a lot of women had a lot to say about their own experiences with the perimenopause. We found lots of material to add to the show and we found that men don’t want to come to see a show about women’s fanny’s. So Peri 2.0 has elements of the original show with extra bits for us and the men in our lives – so bring them along!

June 08, 2024

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