The Primadonnas

July 29, 2024


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Event Description

Whether you are an avid lover of opera, intrigued by classical music but don’t know where to start or simply looking for an evening of amusing entertainment – this show is for you!

THE PRIMADONNAS – consisting of sopranos Claire Lumsden, Rachel McLean and Nicola Montfort – bring to you an evening of operatic classics combined with evocative cabaret like storytelling.

Whilst some of the portrayed heroines might be rather tragic, in their tightly webbed programme they comically defy, as well as mock, the stereotypes of the highly competitive world of performing arts. 

A tightrope walk of comedy and high end recital, get ready for an evening of (literately) the highest highs, the lowest lows and everything in between!

Cornwall based soprano Nicola Montfort and Scottish sopranos Claire Lumsden and Rachel McLean met during a production of Mozart’s DON GIOVANNI in Weimar, Germany. Though destined to be competitors, they formed a close friendship, defying the stereotype of difficult opera divas and the idea of a shared recital programme was born. 

Showcasing Mozart’s dramatic “Queen of the Night”, Verdi’s tragic “Traviata”, Puccini’s romantic “La Boheme” and Dvořák’s mystical “Rusalka” (amongst others), the trio combine their versatile role repertoire creating an exciting and memorabl evening of unmissable operatic entertainment.

July 29, 2024

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